Final Fantasy XV Gets a Brand New Trailer!

Geeks the world over are eagerly awaiting for November 29th, when the new instalment of the very successful Final Fantasy series will be released.
In the meantime, Square Enix have made available a new trailer which will whet your appetite for sure.
It looks like Final Fantasy is going back to its roots with a very intriguing, story-heavy game.

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death star

The Star Wars Battlefront Expansion You’ve Been Waiting For

Despite the initial hype around it, Star Wars Battlefront has been heavily criticised because it lacked variety at launch. Since then a number of expansion packs have been released, including new characters and locations.

The most awaited one is the upcoming Death Star scenario, which will allow players to play some iconic moments from the original trilogy.

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How Waterproof is your iPhone 7?

You’ve all heard how the new iPhone 7 is supposed to be waterproof, but the guys at EverythingApplePro need to test all sort of Apple related rumours, so they decided to see how waterproof the new iPhone really is.
Watch the video to find out more.

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the last guardian

The Last Guardian Looks More Gorgeous Than Ever

From the studio that brought you ICO and Shadow of the Colossus comes The Last Guardian.

After seven years in the making, it looks like this game will be released at some point by the end of the year. The trailer looks gorgeous and we can’t way to put our paws on this new, fantastic adventure.

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project morpheus

The Rise Of Virtual Reality

After the slow demise of home 3D, it looks like Virtual Reality is going to be the next big thing in home entertainment. Those chunky headgears we’ve seen in 80s sci-fi films are going to become a common sight in our living rooms.

Gaming is about to take a giant stride forward, giving developers an extra dimension to use when thinking about new ways of keeping us entertained. It’s not just about graphic detail though: the next generation of games is going to change the way we interact with the games we play and that’s going to be a game-changer.

Sony’s Project Morpheus, with its well-balanced headgear and great headphones, puts you in the middle of the action. Apart from being able to turn around and look in every direction (including up and down), what is revolutionary is the fact that you have to physically perform the action that’s required in that moment.
For example, in London Heist one of the characters gives you a ringing mobile phone: in a classic game you’d press a button and then a sequence would start showing you the phone call. In VR instead you have to extend your arm and lift the phone to your ear in order to listen to the conversation.
This eliminates the barrier that usually exists between the player’s world and the game’s world.

London Heist

On top of that, the characters in the demo react to what you do: sitting down, standing up, they see what you do and react accordingly.

This poses new challenges to developers who will have to be careful not to force the player to do things that may have a negative psychological impact on them.
The scale of this revolution is huge: let’s hope software houses will make the most of it.

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This Smart Dino Will Surprise You

Smart toys are getting more and more common, combining the latest advancements in mobile technology with classic toy designs.
Miposaur is no exception and this video shows you what he can do.

A great, fun toy for adults and kids alike!

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There’s a New Sky Now TV Box in Town

A new Sky Now TV Box is being released this month and for a mere £15 (£5 more expensive than its predecessor) you get a slicker, faster Now TV box. This will allow you to see all the content available on Now TV, with the advantage of a faster streaming capacity. The box is basically a rebranded Roku 3 box but with a huge difference: this one doesn’t support HD (1080p), so 720p is as good as it gets.

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Brits stay connected thanks to their smartphones

It was bound to happen: smartphones are the preferred device to connect to the internet. According to Ofcom’s annual Communication Market Report, 33% of British people prefer to use their smartphones to stay connected, unlike 30% still preferring their laptop.

This has been helped by the wider availability of 4G connections over the past 12 months. The increase in people who use 4G is stratospherical: from 2.7 million people at the beginning of 2014 to a huge 23.6 million subscribers at the end of the year.

Smartphones are also the most owned gadget: 66% of households have at least one, against 65% of households where at least one laptop is present.

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Tacoma: a gripping sci-fi tale

In 2013 Fullbright delivered one of the best videogames of that year: Gone Home; the story of a 20-something who returns from a trip to Europe in 1995 only to find out that his family home has been abandoned.

Tacoma is set in the near future and due to an exclusive partnership with Microsoft, the game will be only available for Xbox.
The game won’t be out until mid-2016, but the developers have managed to put together a short demo which shows our heroine walking around and abandoned starship.

Will the game live up to its expectations? Well, we have to wait until next year to find out.

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The End Is Nigh in This Mysterious Game Set in England

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is not your average apocalyptic game. There are no zombies in sight, no warmongering aliens nor deadly killing robots. The game sees you walking around the desolate English countryside. We learn that almost everyone has suddenly disappeared (due to the rapture referenced into its title) for some mysterious reason and all we can do is walk around this small town and try to find out what happened.

The number of actions that can be performed in this game is quite limited: you can walk around, open doors, turn some things on and off and that’s it really. There’re also some glowing orbs that once popped will play back the memories and conversations of some of the people who have disappeared.
The story is the strong point of this game though: you’ll want to play it over and over again just to find out more about this little town and its inhabitants.

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